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Are you a new or established business looking for a way to attract customers and capitalize on more sales opportunities? Having attractive and highly impactful signs and graphics can be the solution you’re seeking. Puget Sound Signs & Graphics is your local sign company, specializing in crafting signage that will help you meet your business goals!

custom storefront signage

Many potential customers will pass by your business daily, why not try to pique their interest by using a combination of customized, cohesive indoor and outdoor signage? Well-crafted signage is a key factor in not only advertising your business but also in promoting your brand. With poorly made signage, or signage not designed for your target audience, you could be sending the wrong message and ultimately be missing out on the sales opportunities that come your way every day.

As a business, choosing the right sign is just as important as choosing the right signage company. Partnering with an expert will help you achieve your business goals and ensure a return on your investment for your project. Puget Sound Signs & Graphics is the best local sign shop and has a proven track record in providing affordable, high-quality solutions to both large and small businesses.

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Complete Commercial Signage Company

Custom indoor signs

There are several different sign companies out there offering their services, most of them will provide you with an excellent sign, but aren’t able to install it. Some will provide you the ability to recreate an image, but aren’t staffed to help those who haven’t developed a brand just yet.

Puget Sound Signs & Graphics offers the complete package, and will support you throughout every stage of your project. We offer a comprehensive range of sign services, allowing us to be your “one-stop” sign company. We not only have a brilliant design team but also dedicated and knowledgeable manufacturing and installation teams ready to ensure your sign meets all of your business needs.

We focus on creating environmentally friendly signage products through our efficient business and manufacturing processes. In order to meet your goals and ours, we use sustainable machines, materials, and practices that conserve energy and reduce waste whenever possible.

When you need quality signage that reflects the hard work you’ve put into your business and brand, choose Puget Sound Signs & Graphics. A leading sign manufacturing company, we provide a range of promotional and brand identification solutions from vinyl banners to monument signs and everything in between.

Signs That Work For You

custom food booth display

A “one-stop” shop, Puget Sound Signs & Graphics assists with all of your sign project needs. Whether you need sign design, manufacturing, installation or even sign repairs, we can help! All of our work is done at our local state-of-the-art sign shop. Our talented design team is dedicated to creating signs that utilize your ideas, logo, and branding, creating effective signage that works for you! We provide the perfect sign, whether you’re looking for wayfinding signage to assist your customers, promotional signage for special events, or even storefront signage to alert customers of your presence.

Promoting your brand is essential to business growth. Our team of creative and industrious sign makers will create that perfect professional image for your business. Your custom signs will not only help you stay relevant but also competitive in your industry.

The Right Signage For Your Business

custom storefront displayWhile every business has it’s own unique needs; they can be sorted into categories based on their similarities. Service providers, retail stores, professional services/office buildings, non-profit, or manufacturing buildings all have standard needs.

Having worked with so many different companies in various industries, Puget Sound Signs & Graphics has the insight needed to recommend the right solutions. Attract and engage new clients, potential customers, or guests through to use of effective and relevant signage.

The signage you use has a huge impact on the type of customers you will attract. Improve customer brand recognition and ensure that you attract the right customers will well-placed messaging. Whether the signage you need is for your storefront or wayfinding, these signs say a lot about your brand. Having cohesive, professionally made signs provide repeat and potential customers with the confidence that they’ve made the right decision when doing business with you.

Outdoor & Exterior Signs

custom storefront signageGreat exterior signage is the #1 reason people stop into a local business they have never been to before. (International Sign Association, 2017)

When promoting your business and brand, having eye-catching, attractive exterior signs for your storefront is the best place to start. This is how most customers will locate your business, whether it was an unintended stop while doing other errands or a planned visit.

The type of outdoor signage that you will want to choose is going to depend largely on your particular business needs and geared towards meeting your customer attraction, retention, and conversion goals.

Our goal is to create signage that will result in greater foot traffic, ultimately providing you with more customers, clients, and sales opportunities for your business. We can accomplish this by identifying and recommending the correct sign for your business, whether that is channel letters, a monument sign, or an LED sign.

Indoor & Interior Signs

custom indoor wall muralInterior signage is a key element in delivering on the promise made by your storefront sign. These signs need to be cohesive, attractive, and relevant in order to promote your brand message to guests and potential customers.

The particular indoor signage mix that you need for your business interior will depend largely on your business model and needs. Nearly every retail store will need promotional signage, and many offices can benefit from brand promoting lobby signage. Manufacturing plants need equipment safety signage to ensure that their employees are aware of any potential hazards and many schools utilize educational signage to engage students and teachers alike.

We are not only able to create the perfect signage for you, we can also help to identify the key signage needed in order to provide the type of experience you want your customers or clients to have.

Vehicle Wraps & Graphics

custom vehicle wrapsWith today’s technology, commercials are no longer reaching as many potential customers as they use to. However, driving has changed very little and has lately become a powerful advertising tool.

Vehicle wraps increase your company’s visibility and provide additional cohesive signage that also helps promote your brand. Puget Sound Signs & Graphics is your one-stop shop solution for vinyl signs, wraps, and graphics. We provide complete design, fabrication, and installation services. We are known for creating attractive wraps for commercial vehicle types, such as work trucks, trailers, vans, and semis.

These are ideal for service providers, food trucks, delivery vehicles, and any other businesses that want to increase their visibility.

Custom Signs

custom lighted cabinet sign

Every sign we produce is customized to fit your specific business needs. Our design team evaluates your physical location, listens to your needs and works within your budget to ensure that our custom signs not only fit your needs, but also help to promote and protect the hard work you’ve put into your brand.

Having a custom sign means that you don’t have to fit your brand to a specific sign. Instead, it allows you to get the sign that best suits your brand. This allows you to get exactly what you want, including your brand name, font, logo, any unique marketing message and the color schemes that will tie them all together. Your custom sign is then able to reflect the character and personality of your brand, whether you decide to use an attractive storefront sign, custom ADA signage, or window signs.

As a leader in the signage industry, we create custom signs and graphics that increase your brand awareness, providing the traffic necessary to take your business further. No matter your signage needs, Puget Sound Signs & Graphics can produce the perfect specialty signage for you.

Our Process

Free Consultation

Free Consultation with Sign Expert

The first step to starting your signage project is with our free consultation, where we will discuss your signage needs and your marketing goals. We want your signage project to be successful, and as such we make sure to take the necessary time to get to know your business. We’ll talk about what you need, when you need it and begin taking steps to fulfill those needs. We want to make sure that there are no surprises when it comes to your signage project.


Sign Design

Custom Sign Design

After the initial consultation, we take your ideas to our team of graphic designers, who will work with any existing files you may have for your logo or creatives.

They will then use your brand elements to create a design that we feel reflects your needs and create a proof of what your completed sign will look like for your space, function or purpose. You will then have the opportunity to make any changes or adjustments prior to the final sign creation.


Sign Creation

Custom Sign Manufacturing

Once the sign meets your standards, it then moves onto the fabrication stage. Because we work out of our state-of-the-art facility, we can fabricate your sign right here in our manufacturing facility.

Our team of fabricators produce your sign efficiently, saving both time and money. We also assist with sourcing supporting accessories like electrical components, banner stands, and holders.


Sign Installation

Custom Sign Installation

For a sign to be effective and work the way it was intended, it needs to be installed correctly. We have a team dedicated to doing just that! Our sign installation team handles all aspects of the installation process. Since we believe that safety is paramount, we ensure that all electrical components are installed correctly and that your sign is correctly stabilized. We create high-quality signage that is a reminder of the hard work you have done in promoting and growing your business.


Our Commitment To You

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At Puget Sound Signs & Graphics, we know that high-quality, attractive business signs are necessary to continue attracting and retaining clients and customers.

We are committed to providing the best possible signage available. Our goal is to ensure that you are satisfied throughout every stage of sign creation and sign ownership, and we do this by providing you with our staff of expert designers, manufacturers, installers. Puget Sound Signs & Graphics is your local sign company, dedicated to earning your trust and being your solution to all of your business signage needs.

Contact Puget Sound Signs & Graphics today at (253) 243-7777 for your Free Consultation with a Signs & Graphics expert!