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Are you in search for a way to stand out from your competition? Customized lighted signs may be the solution you are looking for.

custom illuminated channel lettersToday you can take advantage of assorted styles, shapes, and types of lit-up signs. Many signage types can be used throughout your business, and just about every company can really benefit from some form of backlit or lighted signs. While a few of these lighted-signs are a requirement like emergency-exit displays, they can be used for various other applications.

At Puget Sound Signs & Graphics, we specialize in creating storefront customized illuminated signs, exceptional logo-lobby signage, along with various other lit-up signs to fit all of your business needs all within your budget. Our goal is to be the one-stop Washington lighted signage shop for all of your business branding and promotional needs.

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Traditional Neon Signs

custom neon signDespite the fact that the appeal and appearance of traditional or standard neon signs are still an attractive option for many, they soon discover that the repair costs and maintenance has eaten any profits the sign may have brought in. Today’s technology allows us to mimic the look of neon through our LED signage elements without the cost associated with the repair and maintenance of neon signs.

If you love the traditional appeal of the neon signs, but you are unable or not prepared to keep up with the expenses associated with these signs, we are the perfect partner when it comes to lighted signs. Our designers are eager to listen to your ideas and transform ideas and goals into reality.

Lighted LED Signs

Cafe Icon Lighted Storefront Sign Channel LettersThe appeal that was exclusive to neon is now easy to achieve with LED bulbs that are highly efficient and eco-friendly. These LED signs can achieve that retro vibe, to make your hip company reach your target audience.

The LED lighting provides several types of signage applications that extend beyond just the classical appeal of neon. The Cabinet Signs and the Channel Letter Signs work well with backlighting. This form of lighted signs ensures your business is always visible throughout the day and night, making these the perfect choice for the businesses that operate at night like a theater, gas station, hotels, convenience stores, nightclubs, and restaurants.

Our LED signs are custom-made so that they meet-up to your exact specifications, and are available in an extensive range of animation, styles and a host of different color options.

Indoor Lighted Signs

Royal Cyber - Indoor Backlit Lobby SignNeon and LED signs also work for indoor settings, like the OPEN or CLOSED lighted signs. While they’re often used for that application, they are also used to promote or advertise any promotion, event or information you may need. Restaurants often use them to indicate the takeout option they have or limited time events such as happy hour. The sky’s the limit when it comes to utilizing LED lights for all of your business needs!

Our goal is to create signs that meet your ideas, goals, and needs. Our staff of expert Washington lighted sign designers will turn any idea into reality.

Programmable Digital Message Centers

Dairy Queen Pylon SignOne of the most versatile signage options we offer includes customized LED programmable Message Center Signage. These impactful signs work well individually or combined with your storefront or any other signage around your business.

The LED Message Center signs provide a host of benefits when compared to a traditional neon sign. These signs offer the opportunity add your personalized messages that you can update whenever you want, along with several bright and attractive color choices. Some of our models also feature full-color attention-grabbing graphics that attract attention while providing information designed to help drive customer traffic to your promotional events.

Full-Service LED Sign Company

Washington Lighted Signs illuminated cabinet channel letters outdoor install 300x225Come to us for all of your LED or neon sign needs. We work with you through the creation, production, and installation of your signs and can provide maintenance or repair assistance should your sign ever need it. When you choose our company to create your signs, you receive state-of-the-art signs from a highly respected and reliable signage partner.

As a full-service Washington signage store, we have all of the equipment needed to create any signage solution your business could ever need. This includes ADA signage, interior signs, exterior signs, outdoor or indoor trade-show displays, lobby signs, vehicle wraps for your commercial vehicles along with so much more.

Free Lighted Signs Consultation

Make sure you outshine your competitors with the right customized lighter signage from Puget Sound Signs & Graphics.

Call Puget Sound Signs & Graphics today at (253) 243-7777 for a Free Consultation with a Neon Sign Specialist!